Victoria Falls: “Mosi-oa-Tunya” the Smoke that Thunders

20140312-090708.jpgAt our guesthouse, there was a free shuttle to Victoria Falls everyday at 10am. We made our own way back by taxi. Private taxis costs K28-30 ($7) or sharing with other people costs K8 ($1.50) each to get back into town. From Livingstone to Victoria is about 10km. You can ride it if you want, as some places have bicycles for hire. Just make sure you have lots of water and are covered to avoid sunburn. The route there is flat the entire way.

Entry for adult foreigners is K100 ($20). It seems like you can spend however long you like in there. No re-admittance. There are guides if you would like one, but we didn’t use any. Opening hours are 6:00 – 18:00.
We followed the pathways along the falls. The really do thunder. We got soaked right through, which we didn’t mind. Take a rain coat or something water proof if you don’t want to get drenched. There isn’t a way to walk along the provided path nearest to the falls without getting wet. If you have a smart phone you can put it in a ziplock bag and use it just fine to take pictures. We got some pretty good shots. 20140312-092542.jpg20140312-092902.jpg
There are lots of lovely rainbows down the falls to be spotted along the way. At the furthest point we could get to, we could see Zimbabwe across the way. There were also people bungi jumping from a bridge to the jagged rocks and shallow waters below!
The width of these falls is truly something to behold (1708m/5604ft). It seems never ending as it disappears from view behind the constant misty spray and the natural curve of the land.
We came across a newly married couple, Katie and Max, having a photo shoot at the falls. Katie looked gorgeous in her wedding gown and they made a rather cute couple. Both from Vancouver. I thought it was excellent use of a wedding dress! Good idea, Katie!
After that, we walked along the back way to exit, which wasn’t along the falls. You could see the large gorge down below, where the Zambezi river continued along its way. It was a fantastic experience and one that my mum was extremely happy to tick off her list. She said next up is Angel Falls in Venezuela.


~~~The Wandering Pier