Singapore – Third Time’s the Charm?

The first time I went to Singapore, I felt it was fine. Overhyped, in my opinion and lacked both in character and charm. While my opinion in that respect hasn’t changed much, I’ve liked it a little bit more every time I’ve visited. I think the sharp contrast it offers in comparison to Penang’s rustic grit and charming chaos is part of that. The place might just be growing on me. 

Singlish Maniac by Decorette 


2 thoughts on “Singapore – Third Time’s the Charm?

  1. I think it depends if you come here as a tourist or if you live here. Living here i have found that there are alot of interesting pockets to explore that will never appear in a “Top things to do in Singapore” type article. Just takes a bit of effort to find em 🙂

    1. Well I have to agree, your experience as a traveller would never be the same as someone living somewhere.
      I’ve been to other places for much less time and easily found it full of character and charm. Singapore ticks other boxes; it just depends on what you like as an individual traveller.

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