Life’s a Beach and then you Braai

Shortly after returning to England from the sunny and also rainy (it’s the rainy season) shores of Trinidad and Tobago, I undertook some house sitting duties. 


I’m still doing it now, it’s my first time. I also have a cute little doggy named Calypso and a cat named Sorrel that I’m looking after. 

My friend, Elahe came up from Brighton for a visit, so we decided to take advantage of the British sunshine and the BBQ grill in the garden. I thought I’d share some pictures from my grilling throw down and our feast. It’s nice to be back in London (in summer at that) and to have SUN 🙂 


How’s your braaing game this summer? 
Braaing last year in Durban, South Africa. 

~~~The Wandering Pier