The Oldest Bakery in Korea – In My Backyard 

The Lee Sung Dang bakery opened back in 1945 and is much sort after by people nation wide. Bus loads of people queue up for a treat from the renowned bakers. This happens during the week and of course is at peak on weekends. Whenever you go by, there’s a massive line inside which often spills out onto the pavement.


Blueberry Danish – delightful!

Luckily, being a teacher in SK, we were often treated by parents who would turn up producing cakes, cookies and rice breads on Teachers’ Day or just to say thanks. One of my favourite memories of going here was after a night out. Somehow we ended up at the Jinpo Marine Park around 6am. It’s located about a 5 minute walk from the bakery. After some cheeky exploring there, the grand idea to head over there was executed.


Jinpo Marine Park
Daybreak at Jinpo Marine Park


We were among the first handful of people there. The smell of freshly baked goods, the sight of all the shapes, colours and flavours…. It was difficult to choose. That’ll probably be your biggest problem here! The red bean mandu are popular, as well as other red bean laced items. I am not a fan, at all. If you’re not too, there’s more than enough there to please your taste buds. There are lots of great bakeries around town so when you go here, in my opinion it’s really to say you’ve been there. Check it off your list and enjoy! It was pretty cool to say the oldest bakery in the country was in my city  🙂


~~~The Wandering Pier


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