Globetrotter of the Month

I'm in love with this title! Such an honour.
I’m in love with this title! Such an honour.


One of my first and favourite Facebook travel groups – iluv2globetrot – has featured me as their Globetrotter of the Month. I was extremely excited to be asked and to do the interview.


A Trini who’s got things in Czech 😉


I’ve gotten a wonderful and somewhat overwhelming response to it. I’m really happy to know other globetrotters and those navigating their way through expat life can relate to some of the trials.


Check out their website and Facebook goup
Check out their website and Facebook group


You can check out the interview here on their website: . Hope you enjoy.


P.S. I mention in the interview that I have started a group on Facebook called The Wandering Pier. I’ll be writing a full post on that development soon. In the mean time feel free to come over & join our travel/expat convos! You can also check out the FB page


~~~The Wandering Pier




4 thoughts on “Globetrotter of the Month

  1. Congrats on the awesome interview! You are rockin’ those photos and I really appreciate how thoughtful your answers were. I not only learned a lot about your experiences, but it gave me a head’s up as to what to expect if I ever decide to live abroad.

  2. Congrats! I just read it and am wondering where you are off to next. You have so many options. I will be moving to Cairo to teach this summer. Have taught in S Korea as well and of course, here in Canada. All the best on your teaching and travels, Cheryl

    1. Hi Cheryl, thanks for reading and commenting. I have narrowed down to the eastern side of the world, beyond Europe. I have heard such mixed things about Egypt and Cairo that it is very intriguing. Wishing you well on your journey too. I’ll definitely be checking out your posts.

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