#bunk taksim – Hostel Review

This is right up there as one of the best hostels I’ve ever stayed in. It lives up to the pictures on their website and other people’s reviews. 


The decor is new, modern and chic. The ground floor lounge area is good for relaxing, waiting for friends or making new ones. The computer room is also down there. Chatting with staff at the reception desk was nice. All the staff members I encountered there were friendly and helpful. They advised on places to go and things to see. The hostel also puts on its own events in the rooftop bar. 

Jazz band performing in the rooftop bar

Ah, the rooftop bar. It offers a lovely view of the surrounding city. You can hangout inside or outside. There are games to keep you busy, if the bar and  free wifi don’t do that. It’s also here you have their excellent €5 all you can eat buffet breakfast. You should try it at least once. There’s coffee, tea and juice. Yogurt, cereal, jams and fresh fruit. Cheeses, cold meats, salad, boiled eggs, special yummy scrambled eggs, bread…*whew*…and more! 

Breakfast with a view!

I stayed in a 4 bed mixed dorm. It was tight, but sufficient. Equipped with lockers which you secured with your own code on the keypad. The beds were comfortable and the sheets even felt nice! 

Rooftop sunset

Okay, here are some things that were not so good. A couple of the nights I was there it got quite noisy 3/4am. I always have my earplugs so that was okay for me. Wifi in my room on the second floor was temperamental, so I’d have to go outside of my room or downstairs to get connected. The toilets – where you sit is square, which looks quite fancy, but not the most comfortable. There wasn’t soap in the toilet closest to my room for about 3 days. The price of drinks in the bar are as pricey as anywhere in the centre. We were recommended a restaurant around the corner that basically ripped us off. We spoke to a staff member about it when we returned and she said she’d inform the manager.  

Some of those aren’t a huge deal and as I mentioned it is definitely one of the nicest hostels I’ve stayed in. I would stay here again and would recommend it to anyone, I just wanted to give a heads up about those points. Have a great time in Istanbul. It’s a wonderful city to visit. 

Smiles after an evening hanging out in #bunk

~~~The Wandering Pier


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