Wine Cellar Retreat, Czech Republic


My school organized an overnight wine tasting event at a vineyard or cellar as they’re more commonly called here. It was at Milanuv Sklep (Milan’s Cellar) in a village called Moravský Žižkov.


Some of us arrived early and walked around the village. We drank in the view of the retiring sun, which looked spectacular with its rays painting the sky a pink that my camera lens couldn’t capture. 



The others arrived and our food was laid out. As hungry as teachers on a Friday after a day of teaching, we devoured platters of cheeses, meats, salads and breads. The owner had smoked the meat just a couple of days before, in preparation for our arrival and it was done to perfection. 

the first round of food


The vigneron or as he called himself, the winer*, [Teehee- as a Trini this made me chuckle every.single.time] began telling us about his wines, the region and his friends who are professional winers. Teehee. 

Milan, doing his work.


We had 11 different kinds to sample and they came in generous sample sizes. By number 6 it was time for a break and we merrily migrated south for a tour of the cellar. Most of the shelves were empty as they tend to sell out quickly around late autumn.

the line up


Milan also let us have our pick of a bottle from one of his fellow winers/competitors. Though his wine was great, that bottle ended up being the favourite of a few of us. Oops 🙂


Mr. Winer and Mrs. Winer


After his breakdown of the remaining wines, we were invited to finish all the bottles we’d tasted. All 12 of them. Later, we headed outside for some stargazing. The lack of light pollution in the village meant we had a lovely, clear display. Then it was time for us to retire. We returned and headed just upstairs to our rooms. It was the perfect set up. 


super comfy beds

In the morning, some went for a walk, some slept in 😉 Breakfast was had, wine was bought and we were on our way. It was an excellent first experience overnighting at a wine cellar. I hope I get to repeat it before I leave the Czech Republic. 



~~~The Wandering Pier


Cost: 700 CZK each (£20/€25/$28) included our accommodation, the food and the wine we tasted. 

*to wine (v) – Trini vernacular. Rhythmic rotation and gyration of one’s waist/hips usually to Soca music. A winer (n) is someone who wines and usually does it well 😉 


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