Quick Tip: Souvenir Shopping in Krakow

It’s no secret that in the heart of touristy areas anywhere in the world, prices spike. Going further afield usually pays off and you either save some money or it stretches further.

Cloth Hall in the Main Square, Old Town District, Krakow

However I’ve found when travelling, that shops selling souvenir goodies are a bit of an anomaly. Their concentration in particular areas often result in competitive prices and room for haggling, meaning you can come up trumps without having to go searching far.

This was not my experience in Krakow. In the Old Town area where I stayed, all of the shops seemed to have the same price. I checked many of the shops I passed during my time there and the prices were identical. If some were more than others, then I’d have had the chance to haggle and maybe get a good bargain. But with everyone fixed on the same prices there seemed no room for manoeuvre.

Some of my souvenir haul

On my last day, I took a stroll down to the end of the Old Town district to see the Wawel Castle. My plan was to check that out, pick up some gifts and then make my departure from Poland. Just before getting to the castle, I passed a few souvenir shops and thought out of curiosity, I’d pop into those on the way back. I had already resigned to buying from the shops I saw earlier anyway, so it couldn’t hurt.

Wawel Castle

When I went in to have a look, the prices were a whole lot cheaper. Shot glasses were 4-6zł (£0.88/$1.35) compared to 10zł (£1.75/$2.70) each and I got a deal of buy 5 get the 6th free 🙂 Fridge magnets started from 4-8zł compared to 10-20zł. And little, cute notebooks were 10zł instead of 15zł. I was very pleased with myself and I just had to share. So when you’re in Krakow, save your złoty for your walk down to Wawel Castle. You can get two tourist treats with the cherry of a bargain on top!

~~~The Wandering Pier


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