Petřín Tower, Prague

While my friend was visiting from London we went to Prague for a couple of nights. On the last evening we were there, we decided to check out the views of the city from Petřín Tower.


Petřín Lookout Tower (Petřínská rozhledna) was built in 1891 for the Prague Exhibition Jubilee. It was inspired by the Eiffel Tower, but it is only 63.5m high to the Eiffel’s 301m. However, because it is sitting atop the Petřín Hill’s 318m, the tower is actually higher than the Eiffel Tower.


We arrived to get the funicular to the top around 5pm. Unfortunately, this was too late to go into the tower. We decided to go to the top anyway to see the tower by night and catch any views of the city that we could along the way.


There was indeed a lovely view of Prague on the way up and being a fan of city lights at night, I was glad we went. I wished the ride was longer. When we got to the top, we strolled around the frozen garden. Kids from the area ran around in the dark getting in their last few minutes of outdoor fun for the day. We made our way over to the tower.


I was struck by its prettiness as we approached. The lights call you from a distance and exude an air of romance. I think it would be a perfect place for a date! I’ve never been to Paris, but I imagined the feeling of awe and romance to be ten fold standing at the feet of Eiffel Tower.


We went inside for a gander, but shortly after entry staff walked around ushering people out so that they could close up. I’ll definitely be going back so that I can climb the 299 stairs to the top and admire the beautiful city that is Prague, from above. Stay tuned for an update 🙂

~~~The Wandering Pier


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