Racing the Sun to the Tip of Africa

It was an early rise for my mum and I. We needed to check out and have a quick breakfast before running some errands in Plettenberg Bay. With the car fueled up, some more Rand in our pockets and our postcards at the beginning of their journeys across the globe, we set out for Cape Agulhas.


In our reading and research, Cape Agulhas came up a few times. It is the most southerly point of Africa and the point where the Indian Ocean meets the Atlantic. We agreed that it was a must. With only one day to get there, the race was on.


The drive was spectacular. Like with all of our previous journeys making our way across South Africa, every bit of scenery was breathtaking. You feel like you’re driving through a painting or continuously browsing through the best postcard shop there ever was.


The dipping sun and its gloriously golden hue, told me that we were fast running out of time. I looked at how much further we had to go and calculated that we could make it by sunset, if I drove a bit faster and we made zero stops.

As the sun continued to lower critically close to the horizon, we neared our destination. By then, I knew we would make it. We rolled into the car park with perfect timing. The view was yet another that stole my breath away. We and the other handful of people that were there stood entranced by the sky and watched as the sun left us for another land far away.


We checked out some information on a board nearby, before making our way down to the water. I had to dip my feet in and stand where the Indian Ocean officially meets the Atlantic. They were equally freezing!


My mum and I marveled at where we were and truly soaked in the experience. We lingered a while longer, looking at the changing colours of the stunning sky.


When the show was over, we reluctantly made our way back to the car. It was an incredible day, with the best ending one could ask for, two Trinis sitting at the tip of Africa.

~~~The Wandering Pier


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