Christmas Market Festivities


A coworker mentioned that she was going to check out the Christmas market near our work. I was about to finish so I asked to tag along. There are two within walking distance from work and we managed to see both of them. The first one was smaller and very cute. It was Wednesday afternoon, so it wasn’t too busy. There was a good variety of stalls ranging from Christmas ornaments, soaps & candles, local foods and of course, mulled wine.


We got a drink at the first mulled wine hut we saw. It was a delicious red wine, spiked with brandy, finished with a heaped spoon of raisins and almonds. As we walked along we got closer to the sound of live music. There was a stage set up with a band covering some Louis Armstrong tunes. The singer was mimicking his voice singing in both English and Czech. Very unexpected, funny and entertaining.


There were rides for kids, places selling wreaths and poinsettias and a few stalls that were serving hot food. We finally gave into the aroma and sight of sizzling sausages and stopped to have one.


After that, we made our way down to the second market. This one was much more bustling which was unsurprising as it was in Freedom Square (Náměstí Svobody) in the centre of Brno. Here, the focus seemed to be more on foods and less on trinkets and decorations. That being said, I found a stall with the cutest wooden ornaments and bought a few as a present for someone.


There was a towering Christmas tree, lights everywhere and the low hum of music in the background. In all, it was a great first trip to a Christmas market in the Czech Republic and for the season. Ho! Ho! Ho!


3 thoughts on “Christmas Market Festivities

  1. I love walking around at Christmas markets! Great way of getting some of that holiday spirit! Loved looking through you photos – there are no markets where I am celebrating so next best thing is looking at others pictures! 🙂 Happy Holidays!

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