Fisherman’s Wharf, San Francisco

Fisherman’s Wharf was cool, but also absolutely terrifying. One word, seagulls. I can’t stand them and there they were aplenty! I arrived in the area via the old style cable car on the Powell-Mason line. From where it drops you off it was just a five minute walk over to Fishermans Wharf and there are lots of shops along the way to distract you. It’s a great spot to pick up souvenirs and some of the vendors will barter if you try 🙂


When I arrived at the wharf I walked through the tight little passageway where all the seafood stalls have their grub on display for your salivating pleasure. There were so many stands with so many things! However, they all basically serve their seafood in similar ways. The sourdough bread bowls full of clam chowder looked to die for! I wasn’t really hungry so I just bought myself a little bowl of mixed seafood for the sake of it and decided to find a spot near the water to relax and eat it.


Not so. The entire time I had any food I was on guard, certain a seagull was going to swoop down and fly away with my shrimp. They were EVERYWHERE. Then there were ticket touts trying to get me to buy tickets for all sorts of things. I finally found a spot on a bench and sat down. I even had a view of the bay and Alcatraz. I proceeded to eat, without much enjoyment because of my feeling of impending doom. Then for some unknown reason, a tour group decided to gather around me for their meeting. I sat encircled by the crowd of them thinking, is this for real? It’s not like they couldn’t see me.


At that point, I gave up. I fought my way to freedom and walked over to the water for a better view of the prison island. Then, a nearby man threw a bunch of food in front of him, for the seagulls. Several swooped down and that was my final cue to leave the area. The walk was nice, especially since I didn’t have any food and was no longer a moving target. There is the famed Pier 39, museums, a shopping centre and aquarium. You can spot sea lions playing in the water, there are lots of photo opps and you can even rent a bike and ride along so you can see more of that stretch called the Embarcadero. I walked all the way down along it to the the Ferry Building. It was a very lengthy, but good walk.

If you’re going to Fishermans Wharf, these are my recommendations: eat inside. As tempting as the lovely views and beautiful weather are, it isn’t worth it. Get a bike, you’ll cover more ground and it’s just a fun, nice way to explore the area and San Francisco in general. Runaway from all men holding food. Unless that’s you… In which case, hurry up and eat your food x_x Add all the events during your visit, good and not so good to your memory bank so you can laugh about it later. Ha, ha. Ha.

~~~The Wandering Pier


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