New Things: A Čajovna

I had two goals for my Saturday, check out a museum and find a čajovna. I’d been interested in seeing what a čajovna (“chai-ovna”) or teahouse was like, since one of my students mentioned it. We were talking about cafés and coffee shops and he explained that he didn’t like coffee so he preferred to go to a čajovna. I’m always down for a cuppa, so I knew I had to get to one.

I didn’t find the one I went in search of, but instead stumbled upon another. It was very nice. The seating was largely on low platforms with cushions. Shoes off (Korean stylie 🙂 ), dimly lit, with nice, chill music playing. They had an extensive tea menu. The teas were divided into several categories- green & yellow teas, black & red teas, semi-fermented teas, white teas, happy teas and non-tea teas! They came from countries all over the world. By my guesstimation they had at least 100 to choose from.

If you’re not a tea drinker, they got you too. Coffees, hot chocolate, shakes/smoothies, soft drinks and alcoholic beverages were all on offer. You could also order food. Not a full meal, but snacks and nibbles. To top it all off they did shisha as well.

I sat there for a couple of hours sipping Nilgiri Shiva tea and reading my book. For me, it was pretty much the perfect setup. I’m eager to see what different čajovnas have to offer, not just to drink, but also in atmosphere and decor. However, it’s safe to say I’ll go back to this one in future. Winner.

~~~The Wandering Pier


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