My Missing Peace

Recently, I have been thinking about my favourite place in the town I used to live in, in South Korea. I lived in a city called Gunsan and I would bike over to Wolmyeong Park. Admittedly, not frequently enough, especially in hindsight. I would either lock up my bike and follow the path by foot or continue riding until I got to my spot. I would stop now and again along the way to focus on the calmness around me. Gentle ripples on the lake and the trees and mountains lining the perimeter repeatedly won me over.

At my spot, the next steps were always crucial. Find one of the lounge chairs on the side of the mountain, kick off my shoes and lie back. When I first started going there I never took my shoes off and I found it really weird that people did. That was until one day I decided to try it. Ahhhh the freedom! Happy little toes wriggling around your socks, as cool air caresses them after your hike.

The remarkably comfy lounge chairs fixed the side of the mountain are such a brilliant idea. I think more places around the world should have them. I would sit there and meditate, take in the view of the lake and watch passersby. Then lie back and look up at the canopy of trees above and listen to the birds. Lots of people, including me, would have naps here too. Korea is so safe you could have a snooze just about anywhere. I miss truly this place.



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