My First Week in Brighton and Hove: A Photo Essay

New job. New city.

Good morning from Hove. I’m not used to the 6am wake up, yet. After two years of starting work at 1pm, it’s definitely an adjustment.

The amazing views on my way to work are a huge perk. I love the ocean.

My first set of students hailed from Italy. They were lovely to teach.

I think this is an iconic shot representing Brighton, because here you can see the main building on the pier, but more importantly, there is a seagull perched up above. Presumably seeking out its next prey. You can’t go anywhere without seeing and hearing them here. #hideyourwifehideyourkids

I inadvertently stumbled upon a Naturist Beach. It was such a shocking and hilarious experience that it got a blog post of its own.

My very first visitor. A dear friend I’ve missed while I was living abroad. We had a great catch up over the weekend.

Brighton is punctuated by lots quaint, unique shops, along with some standout spots that really make the city. Just check out Choccy Woccy Doodah! –

Relaxing on the beach. According to the signs, we may be in for an Indian summer. I hope to spend lots of days doing this. Having over 10 years’ experience with British weather, I won’t hold my breath 🙂

~~~The Wandering Pier


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