Wicked…..Jet Lag

Whenever I’m back in London, I like to fit in a West End show if I can. I don’t mind whether it’s theatre or musical, I’m up for either!
This time it wasn’t just a treat for me, I also took my mum along as a treat for her. My friend booked the tickets and her sister came along as well. We were off to see Wicked, after our sushi dinner.

As it turns out we were in THE last row of the theatre. If you’re scared of heights this would have been torture for you. The show was fantastic! Well, the parts I was awake for. Having just returned from South Korea I was fighting some serious jet lag.
The show was one of the longest I have ever been to, which is great as you get more bang for your buck. Unfortunately for me, I was so exhausted I just wanted it to be over. Learn from my mistake, full belly, late show and jet lag equal a no-no. Rest up well so you can enjoy every minute of your musical experience.


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