A Chocolate Affair

Down the meandering little alleys of Brighton, you can find yourself at a small chocolate haven. This delicious paradise is aptly named Choccywoccydodah!
Amazing pieces of chocolate artwork greet you in their window and inevitably entice you in. It’s a small shop with no lack of visitors, so squeezing pass other admirers without knocking anything over is a risky little game. The detail and intricacy of their work is just fantastic. I went around the whole shop twice and I could have easily done it another two times, I was so awestruck by their masterpieces.
Of course the smell of chocolate is thick in the air, so if you’re a chocolate lover, this is definitely your heaven. I picked up a present of chocolate covered popcorn for my friend. There were a few jelly babies thrown on for good measure.
At the register, I spoke to a couple of friendly staff members who told me a little more about their work (and gave me chocolate!). They make everything at a nearby studio and bring it over to the shop. On the days they’re not delivering to the local shop in Brighton, they take fresh stocks up to their London branch.
If you’re a chocolate lover, an art lover or you just like seeing super awesome, cool, amazing things, you should definitely check out Choccywoccydodah when in Brighton or London. There’s even a cafe where you can take a load off and enjoy some delightful treats. Brownies, milkshakes, sundaes, take your pick! May chocolate be with you 🙂



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