Levain Bakery Cookie Run

On this trip to New York City, a friend wanted to take me to “this place with the best cookies ever!”. After a couple failed attempts and with just a couple days left, I was determined to get us to “the cookie place”, before I left. The way she spoke so passionately about these cookies made me easily realise that if I didn’t make it there, I would deeply regret it forever (or until I came back).

With it being my last full day in NY, we decided to make that our priority. I invited another friend along and when I mentioned the name and place, she knew. She shared stories of her previous addiction to their treats and told us that at the time when she worked nearby, the cravings always won. The old monster wouldn’t be awakened this time because she was fasting. I was surprised she didn’t even make a purchase for later, but it just wasn’t worth going down that road again.


When we arrived, the tiny bakery was packed so we stood outside in the rain and waited our turn. As we entered and I saw what lay before me, I got dizzy with excitement. These cookies looked more like they were members of the scone family, given their size and shape. I didn’t know which flavours to choose, so I went with all. I keeeed. I got three out of four. Heh. The ones I purchased were the chocolate chip and walnut, the dark chocolate chocolate chip and the oatmeal and raisin. The one outstanding was the peanut butter cookie. Believe me, I wanted it as well, but I had already gone overboard.


A couple of other friends had joined us and after we made our purchases, we took our treats to a nearby coffee shop to enjoy with a drink. I decided to start with the dark choc chip. The chips oozed with deep chocolatey richness. Not too dark, but not too sweet. It was still warm from coming fresh out the oven. It was perfection. Slightly crispy on the outside, beautifully gooey and chewy on the inside. After my second bite I knew I wasn’t going to be able to finish it in one sitting. One of the other girls countered that she was going to finish it all. I would have been impressed if she could. She couldn’t.


We sat there, chatted, laughed and annoyed people (presumably with our laughter) for a couple hours, before concluding our cookie meet up. It was totally worthy of my last day in NYC. I even had some left for my flight back to London the next night. Yummy time and money well spent!



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