Hotdogs, Garlic Fries and Baseball

My friend bought some baseball tickets for us to hit up a game while on our Californian road trip. When we worked in Korea together, for two seasons we tried to go, but for one reason or another it didn’t happen. I was most pleased when he told me he had gotten tickets to see the San Francisco Giants! I was excited about the game and also about crossing it off my bucket list 🙂
We arrived early and each got a souvenir apron upon entry. Yeahhh! Then there were some players doing signings, so I got an autograph from a player. Unfortunately, I still don’t know his name. Sorry! We walked around the stadium and I took in all the sights as we slowly made our way up to what would be classed at the nosebleed section.
This turned out to be a major blessing. In my opinion the view was pretty good, but aside from that we had a fantastic shaded area. It was an extremely clear day in the bay, which I’ve heard is not often the case. So with the clear blue sky came the blazing sun.
The atmosphere at the ballpark was jovial and of course my own excitement meant I was buzzing. I was forewarned that baseball games could go on for quite some time and could get boring too, so I was mentally prepared for that. I sat with the kids and read their baseball books with them. By the time the game started, I had a good idea of some things like foul, foul lines, bases loaded and a force out.
As far as games go, this one was great one for a beginner (and regulars too I’d guess) as it was punctuated by some exciting plays. The Giants were playing the Minnesota Twins and kicking their butts. I cheered my little baseball newbie heart out, “Let’s Go Giants!”. During the seventh-inning stretch (that’s the break in the middle of the 7th inning) we went to get a couple snacks. A hotdog which we HAD to get because we were at a baseball game. And garlic fries which we HAD to get because we were at a baseball game in San Francisco and this is apparently a must. They were nice, but boy were they garlicky. I really like garlic, but even for me it was a lot.
We returned to watch the remainder of the game, which from the score, it was clear that the Giants were set to be the victors. The experience I had was pretty much exactly as I thought it would be, based on numerous movies and tv shows. It was a fun day out and definitely something I’d be up for doing again. Let’s Go Giants 😉



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