Visiting the Golden Gate Park


I had the afternoon free, so I decided to head over to Golden Gate Park. The hardest part about that was picking what to see. That place is massive! I checked the map and decided I would realistically be able to see about 2 areas of the park at a leisurely pace. I settled on the botanical garden and the Japanese tea garden.


The botanical garden was free that day~ yay. So I got myself a map and set off on my stroll. The park was largely divided by regions/countries of the world, along with some other categories.


I wandered through it all. I was particularly interested in the garden of fragrance, because I love the smell of fresh flowers and fragrant plants. I also wanted to check out the South Africa area, since I missed out on going to the botanical garden in Cape Town earlier this year and it’s suppose to be pretty impressive.



After taking in the sights and smells there, I headed over to the Japanese garden. However, given that you had to pay to enter and they had less than an hour before closing, I decided to give it a miss. From the outside it looked pretty though ^_^

I would love to go back to San Francisco in general and when I do, I’ll be making the Golden Gate Park a priority. With bike riding, a conservatory of flowers, lakes and a Segway tour, why wouldn’t I? Check it out if you get a chance. Go back if you have already been. You know you want to.



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