Kite flying on Easter Sunday

When my friend invited me to go kite flying with her and her family, I was totally up for it. It reminded of when I was younger and kite season came. Then, we would make our own kites and fly them in our neighbourhood. The sky was often a beautiful backdrop for a heated drama, as some kites danced side by side in elegance, while others ducked up and down with stealth and speed. Those carried with them tails covered in blades or crushed glass, intent on cutting the threads of rival kite flyers, usually from another street or neighbourhood. We would watch in excitement and anticipation. As the losing kite floated away, it signaled the climax of our daily soap opera.


There was no kite making this time around, although I did want to see if I still held that skill. Instead, we bought a few kites from some vendors. The morning was overcast and spells of rain came and went. As we made our way to the Queen’s Park Savannah, it started to rain again. We pressed on. Luckily we kept the faith, because shortly after our arrival, the rain stopped and didn’t come back until the late evening. The sky over the savannah was filled with kites. Different sizes, colours and shapes decorated the clouds and their blue canvas.



We took turns between getting the kites in the sky and sitting and relaxing under the shade of nearby trees. My kite flying skills were definitely rusty, but it was lots of fun giving it a go anyway. Later, some of the guys and kids played football followed by throwing a frisbee around. It was a lovely stroll down memory lane and I’m hoping it won’t be years before I visit it again.






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