Having Nando’s in South Africa

This experience was surprisingly and sorely disappointing. For all who know and love Nando’s, you may know what it’s like to go without it for a while. Alternatively, you maybe be able to relate to when one of those Nando’s pangs hits you.


I am for sure a Nando’s lover. When my ticket to South Africa was booked, it was one of the first things that came to mind, no lie. The Mecca, the motherland, the birthplace. So when my mum and I stopped in there on that faithful day, I felt nothing but delight. Until the food came.


The side dishes were of course different from what we have in England, which was fine. There were also less options on the menu, for example no halloumi cheese, red pepper dip or sweet potato mash, among others. With a heavy sigh, I was also willing to accept that. I knew it would be different. I chose wedges with my set meal, since we don’t have it in England and I ordered sides of spinach and coleslaw.


The entire meal was mediocre at best. Unfortunately matching what a couple friends had said, though I had refused to believe it. The chicken lacked that flame grilled taste you expect from Nando’s. The reason you’d choose going to Nando’s over some other chicken joint. To be fair, I could stop my little review right there. In fact, I will. Drops mic.


I’ve recently learned that Nando’s has finally reached the states. Rejoice, American peoples! I’m heading to the US next and if I’m anywhere near one I’ll be all over it like some Wild Herb sauce. Not counting South Africa, January was my last fix. Not sure how much longer I can go on. Nando’s lover problems.


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