The Trinidad and Tobago Film Festival 2014 (UWI, St. Augustine showing)

My friend shared a link on Facebook about the festival and I knew straight away that I wanted to check it out.

After spending the day celebrating Phagwa and the evening trying to scrub off the colourful abir staining our bodies, we arrived late.


I had already seen the first movie Doubles with Slight Pepper. I enjoyed it when I had watched it. We put down a blanket and sat under a tree. There was complimentary fresh popcorn available, so we munched on that while watching the second film Papilio Buddha.

It was an interesting film, but we unanimously thought that it was dragging on. Maybe the fact that half of the subtitles were not visible because of whatever format used cut them off or that the sound wasn’t always clear because we were sitting at the back, contributed to our growing restlessness. The actors were great and the plot was also good. But it just seemed to draw on much longer than need be. Maybe we were missing the point.


Anyway, by the time it was over we were more than ready to leave. In all I think was a good way to spend a different night out, it was free and pretty well organised. There were just the minor gripes with the subtitles and the lack of sound in the back, that I think could have been easily avoided and in future would be easy to fix. If you’ve never been to a viewing, get yourself out to one of them during the next festival. Show some support to the TTFF and hopefully see a great film too.


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