Tobago L~O~V~E

20140324-150957.jpgNo trip home is truly complete for me without a visit to Tobago. I recently went over for a visit and got to spend time there with a couple of old friends and made some new ones too.

[It’s Tobago, so here’s a goat^^]

I finally went to The Shade night club/liming spot as well. We had a ball! The DJ was on point. He played everything from Soca to EDM to Conscious. It was pleasing to the locals and foreigners alike, that filled the place. A fantastic first impression for me.

Other events that occurred were a failed attempt to buy what we heard was the best conch and dumpling on the island. We arrived to find out she only made that dish on a Friday. However, she did go the extra mile that day and the days that followed to get us some, but no luck. A couple of house limes, chilling poolside. A visit to the National Carnival Commission’s Visual Arts Exhibition. A missed ferry to Trinidad. And a tasty breakfast from Rosie’s where I got to satisfy my month long craving for smoked herring.


Sadly, I didn’t go to the beach nearly as much as I thought I would. However, when I did go, it was as spectacular as always. I love the waters of Tobago and after recently dealing with the FREEZING, sharky waters of South Africa, my appreciation for it has increased. Warm, clear, blue green waters. Gentle waves lapping the shore. Soft, cool breeze carrying the salty smell of the ocean that I love so much. Yes, no trip home is truly complete for me without a visit to Tobago.

~~~The Wandering Pier


~~~The Wandering Pier


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