Sunday Surf


A few years ago I tried surfing. It was in Bournemouth, England that I went for a lesson. It was fun, but pretty challenging without any waves. Nonetheless I got some basic pointers that could only really be built upon with practice.

Fast forward to South Africa, 2014. After an early departure from Cape Agulhas, my mum and I arrived in Cape Town by 9am. Later that evening, after reuniting with a couple of South African friends Estie and Peter, who I met in Korea, they invited me to go surfing the next morning. For me the only catch was the 7am start. I told them I’d let them know.

After some debate with myself that night, I decided it wasn’t often that the opportunity to start my Sunday with an early morning surf came along. I would go.


It indeed turned out to be such an awesome way to start my day. The sun was shining gloriously, causing the blue waters to dazzle. That alone was enough reason to be there. Attempting to surf was a little tough, but with a great set of instructions from my friend Estie, I was on my way. I didn’t stand up in the end, but I had so much fun trying. The couple of waves that I did catch gave me the rush I needed to keep trying. I could totally see why surfers sit out there on their boards for ages, waiting to catch the perfect wave. It is so worth it.

~~~The Wandering Pier


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