Gunsan to Muju – Snowboarding Trip

I wanted to get at least one snowboarding trip in for the season, before I left Korea. I’ve never lived anywhere where the slopes were so accessible. Also, here had been the first time I’ve snowboarded on real slopes. Prior, I had just had a couple of lessons at the indoor slopes in Hemel Hempstead, back in London.


A colleague helped us book this trip. The operator picked us up from Lotte Mart in Gunsan at 6:10am. We left Muju Ski Resort to return to Gunsan at 4:50pm. For the shuttle there and back, lift pass and snowboard and boots rental it was about W75,000. It’s a little more if you need to rent clothes.

The bus was like an oven, but we managed to get some sleep anyway. When we arrived and went to pick up our gear, there were no lines. That’s the first time I’ve ever seen Muju like that. ‘Twas great! It was fairly early in the season and there hadn’t been much snow yet, so that’s probably why the masses weren’t out yet. 20140130-100331.jpg


The queues for the ski lift moved moderately quickly, so getting a few runs in in a short space of time was easy. Not for me though! As always, it took a while for me to get back into it. My first run down the slopes was tough and took me a long time. Last season when I went snowboarding at High1 Ski Resort, I had an awful, awful day on the slopes. I think that messed with my mind on this trip, so it took a while to shake that off an regain some confidence.

The next run was better. I was more confident and less afraid to fall. Oh and I fell! That doesn’t phase me so much though. It only really has a big impact on me if I’m really tired, then it’s draining to keep getting up from a tumble. It takes a huge toll on your knees, bum and arms.



Then we took a break for lunch and then decided to take a nap in the snow, in a sun beaten patch. After that, I got a few more runs in. My confidence grew with each, but so did my tiredness. As the day drew on, the snow also became really icy, so we decided to call it a day and just relax and wait for the bus back to Gunsan. It was a good trip and after that, I wish I had enough time to do one or two more trips for the season. But I’m grateful that my last experience out there ended on a high. 20140130-100441.jpg



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