Lusaka to Livingstone by bus

We went to the the bus station the day before travelling to buy our tickets. It was right up the road from the Levy shopping centre. We were told that you could call to book, but it isn’t always reliable, because people who reserve often don’t turn up. So occasionally, a ticket you reserve may get sold to someone else.

There are two good companies. I forget the name of the other one, but we used Mazhadu. It’s a blue fleet of buses. They have two kinds of buses, the more comfortable of them having two sets of seats either side of the aisle. We took that one departing at 9am and it cost K140 ($28). I was told it took 7hr but when I got on the bus, a girl on there told me, 9hr. We made it in 6hr 20min.


They stopped a couple times for people to get on and off, but there was only one pitstop. For us, that was 3hr into the journey. The seats were fairly comfortable. There was AC, though we were still a bit hot. They gave us a carbonated soft drink and a little cake each.

When we arrived in Livingstone, it was hectic. We were bombarded by taxi drivers, who were standing right where everyone is pushing to get their bags from the storage under the bus. We stayed at Jollyboys backpackers, which they state is a walkable distance. It is, but after the journey and with bags, in the heat, it’s best to just get a taxi. It would have been nice if they had advised that as well. It is not as close as you would gather from the way they put it across.

That was our journey by bus from Lusaka to Livingstone.

~~~The Wandering Pier


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