Ice Skating with the Famalam <3


My sister arranged for us all to go ice skating at the Natural History Museum in South Kensington. It’s probably the only time of year I get to do it. Prior to leaving London, I’d (very) occasionally go down to the rink in Streatham.

I wrapped up warm and met everyone there, including our friend Hayden who sorted out the tickets for us. It was my mum’s first ever time ice skating. I had no idea. Even getting the skates on and walking to the rink was a feat. Then, as she got on the ice she gripped the side bar with one hand and my brother’s arm with the other. She made it!

We had a look to see if the little kiddy section was open so she could take it slowly and so we with our rusty balance memory, could get the hang of things in there, however it was closed. After a short 10 minute stint mum decided it was time to head back in. I was proud of her getting those things on and giving it a go.

My brother, as it turns out is somewhat of a pro at this ice skating lark. I had absolutely no clue. Mum explained that she used to take him to Alexander Palace when he was younger. He was lapping us, doing those cross over steps and going backwards. I thought it was so awesome. 20140518-230956.jpg

As always the skates there killing my feet. They feel like they’re being crushed. I even got a shoe size up this time, but it didn’t help much. I got off the ice a couple times and took them off for some relief. It turned out to be a good spot to sit in to see my sister land on her bum not too long after. The three of us did a few laps together before heading off the ice. It was a really nice family affair to kick off the new year.



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