Off to the theatre, darrrrling.

While I’ve been living away, I have sorely missed events like theatre shows, art exhibitions and live gigs. So, it was an absolute treat when my bestie revealed that her surprise Christmas present for our friend and me, was an evening at the theatre.

We went to see Once a Catholic, which was written by Mary J. O’Malley and directed by the brilliant and talented Kathy Burke. The story is a comedy that takes place in a girls’ convent in 1950’s Willesden. The three of us all went to school at convents, so we could relate to lots of things in the story. For most of the show, I was out of breath with laughter.


Even if you don’t have a Catholic background, I think you would know and have heard enough to fully enjoy this show. It was absolutely hilarious. I could totally see why it would ruffle feathers in the Catholic community. But for us, it awakened old childhood memories and made for a really wonderful night out. It was a great return to seeing theatre shows for me.

My friend’s cousin was in the show, so we got to meet her after the show. She and a friend joined the three of us for a drink at the pub across the street. I felt so fancy in the company of actors. It also made me want to run out and do something creative, so here I am writing this blog post.



But really, talking with everyone at the pub was terrific. Conversation flowed with ease and the atmosphere had a low volt of excitement that ran over from the buzz of the show. At least for me it did ^_^ As the evening grew old, we said our goodbyes. The three of us went home and enjoyed a Sunday roast dinner, which my bestie’s mum had lovingly prepared. This rounded up my Sunday evening perfectly. I hadn’t had a roast dinner in years. Yorkshire puddings, yes!



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