The Efficiency of some Countries

Of course each country has its pros and cons, so I am mindful of that. But I have seen so many pros for everyday life here in Korea it’s just plain impressive. Simple things that just make sense.

Sunday, I was blown away by another. I was riding to a grocery store when I came across some road works. They were retarring the road, but still had the road in use. There was one guy directing traffic and pedestrians, while the others got on with their work, like it was nothing.


I actually stood there for a while just looking. I had never seen anything like that! The guy came over to help me, because he thought I was stuck and couldn’t get across the street. I was in genuine awe. Back in the UK, road works go on for weeks and when that’s done, another one about 200 yards away starts up. I have never seen something like this done without roads being closed for at least a couple of days. Well done, Korea. I wish other countries would take note.


The next day I saw them painting the road while it was in use. Amazing!


London vs Paris

I’m yet to visit the city of Louvre, but this is a good little breakdown. What’s your pick?

Travel Between The Pages

London vs Parisis a clever tale of two cities by infographic. The Tate vs the Louvre? Big Ben vs the Eiffel Tower? Tube vs Metro? Pub vs Café? It’s a real challenge to choose. Although I’ve spent more time in London, and published a London travel guide book, I’m leaning towards Paris. Probably due to three recent visits. Can you choose?

This terrific infographic was created by Ally Biring for HouseTrip.


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