New buy, new try: mushrooms

photo 1

I have had these in a few dishes since I have been here in Korea, but prior to moving here I had never eaten this type of mushroom. For me, they are super crazy looking! Kinda cute and kinda creepy. I’d never cooked them before, so I thought I would give it a whirl. In the dishes I have had, they were either thrown on the grill while some galbi (marinated meat) was grilling, to have as an accompaniment or in a variety of soups. I just pulled out whatever I had in the fridge and decided to make a quick sweet and sour stir fry. They looked like noodles in the dish to me! I think I definitely prefer them grilled or in soup.

photo 2

Does anyone know the name of these mushrooms? Any other recipes that will be great for them?


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