Carnival in Trinidad…. there’s nothing like it!

Adventures With Roger B. Stillz

I’ve now made it to Trinidad’s Carnival two years in a row. I had a blast last year and this year was no different. If you have never been to carnival in Trinidad put it on your list and start saving from now lol because things can be a bit costly. Once that’s out of the way its pure niceness. When you can provide me with good friends, great music, beautiful women in costumes, and allow me to photograph them for two days I’m always going to be a happy individual. With that said below are some shots I captured during Carnival Tuesday with Island People. Enjoy and share. Supa Supa Supa Supa 🙂

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My Daily Appreciation

This year, everyday I’m writing down at least one thing I’m grateful for. It’s my daily appreciation.

I’m finding it to be a really good practice and it helps me realise everything I have. I used to just say it in the morning (whenever I remembered) or before bed, but I think writing it has a much larger impact. It feels like taking the time to write it down makes it more tangible. In addition, at a glance I can see everything I have written down. That little glance, charting days upon days of good stuff, shows me just how lucky and blessed I am. This comes in particularly handy on crappy days, when nothing feels right :@


Gratitude is a hell of a thing. When you spend time focusing on what you have instead of what you want, you can see how fortunate you already are. That’s not to say don’t pursue what you want. I think it just takes some of the pressure off and you realise what’s really important. You may find that you’re already pretty happy …or that you should be!