Dry cleaning makes me feel fancy

I don’t know what kind of life you guys live, maybe this is normal for you. For me this is a great, big, exciting novelty 😀 Dry cleaning is awesome! Everything comes back to you like brand new *YIPPIE*!


My only previous experience of dry cleaning was being denied it by my mum when I was younger. Instead, she put my suede shearling coat in the washing machine without me knowing. Obviously it got ruined 😦 This also happened with a silk top that I ADORED. I bought these with my own money when I started working and I loved them. SIGH. 

Throwback: Let's have a moment of silence for that coat :(
Throwback: Let’s have a moment of silence for that coat 😦


Everything is expensive in London, so I always avoided buying items that needed dry cleaning. Since I got to Korea though, this has changed. Many, many things are much more affordable here, including dry cleaning *whoop*. I had a winter coat that desperately needed to be cleaned in time for this winter. So, for the first time ever the other week, I took  some things to the dry cleaner. I took my winter coat, along with a cardigan, a pair of leggings and four vest tops for good measure. When I went to pick them up, the bill was a whopping $20. How great is that? You’re looking at Miss Fancypants over here. It makes me feel so grown up.

My "new" coat!
My “new” coat!


Today, I took a few thick knitted tops, a giant knitted scarf, thick knitted legwarmers- all of these with those annoying fluff balls that knitwear get, a top and a cardigan. I can’t wait to pick up my new wardrobe on Wednesday. Those people are magicians, I swear. I’m going to enjoy this new element in my life while it lasts.


Miss Fancypants



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