Sam and Dean Sundays (Supernatural)

Andrew and I have had Throne Thursdays (Game of Thrones), Walking Dead Wednesdays (The Walking Dead) and now we have Sam and Dean Sundays (Supernatural). When we started watching Sam and Dean we got a new addition to the “group” on these nights, a fellow named Joshua.
The new season of The Walking Dead also started during this time so now we watch both on a Sunday. Exciting times I tell you! We cook dinner… Josh brings salsa. There’s a dessert somewhere in there. That’s sometimes followed by drinking games while watching.
Curry chicken (Trini style) with home made roti
Curry chicken (Trini style) with home made roti
Sometimes we drink fancy beer :)
Sometimes we drink fancy beer 🙂
Today will be my last Sam and Dean (+ The Walking Dead) Sunday for about a month and I’m so excited about it.
Two reasons:
1. We are going to watch the mid-season finale of The Walking Dead.
2. Andrew is making pot pies.
The last time he made these it was last winter earlier this year. He made me one and delivered it too 😀 I baked it at my place (my apartment smelled amazing) and made a little salad to go with it. It was divine!
Pot pie by Andrew...delicioso!
Pot pie by Andrew…delicioso!
Anyway, I guess this will also be like our Christmas dinner, since I’ll be away from the end of this week. I’ll break out a bottle of Japanese plum wine my friend brought me from there when she visited the other weekend. What perfect timing for an interlude. I can’t wait to resume next year 🙂
Japanese plum wine
Japanese plum wine

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