More than just a girls’ night in

Since I’ve been here it’s been mens, mens, mens. “Sweeeet!” I hear you ladies sing…well, at least I would.. heh. Heh.


When I moved to Korea, I obviously had no friends *sob*. A friend of mine moved out here about a week before me,  but he lives 4 hours away *tear*. The other teachers at my workplace were two guys and a lady named Clare, who was married with a kid. The guys Andrew & Tae were (and still are) great fun. We clicked. Tae also worked at the Air Force base so a lot of people he introduced me to were from there. More mens. Heh. I have made a few really great guy friends from there. Then most of their friends were all guys. More mens…..heh. Yeah, I was still heh-ing at this point.

Night out with my co-workers, Andrew & Tae.

Then came the point where I just needed some girl company. Eeeessh. I was really, really missing my sissy and my friends back home. Yes, I’d met some females, but there was always something just not there. I’m a picky one I guess. That’s really not to say they weren’t nice & maybe even capable of pooping out a rainbow. I just like what I like.

FINALLY, I met a couple girls that fit my bill. One Korean and one “foreigner” (as anyone non-Korean is called out here) hailing from Texas (TEXAS STAND UP!) with a Mexican twist- this excites my belly 🙂

Checking out an art gallery in Jeonju with B. In the park for Cinco de Mayo, cooking up some goodness!

So at first, I was like girl, play it cool! You don’t wana seem desperate. Inside: *sob* please love me, don’t leave me *sob*. We are still cool and I definitely consider them my friends. Then a few months later, there seemed to be an influx of new girls in town. Time to go trolling. Joke. However, along the way through normal social avenues and minimal stalkerage, I’ve met some really wicked (the good kind), down to earth chicas.

Shisha & bubbles at Aladdin’s Lamb restaurant 🙂

A few weeks ago, I got a text message from one of said awesome chicas asking if I’d like to join her and some other girls at her place for some vino, snackies and a chin wag. It was really great. I hadn’t had that in over a year! Conversation was a mixture of everything you’d want- funny stuff, family stuff, life in Korea, travels. It was just a really good, much needed experience. I remember walking home thinking about how grateful I was that she’d thought to text me & that I’d bothered to go- it was a school night & I was tired.

All this was before the waffles and ice cream! 😮

Hopefully we’ll have some more like those, because I think as a female, in some sense we need that. I love my boys and I wouldn’t trade my relationships with them for anything. However, sometimes you just need a break, a breather, a change in the tone of conversation or prettier faces around you. I think I’ve found that here. That’s why for me, that was so much more than just a girls’ night in.



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