Learning Korean (Hangeul 한글)


I started doing language exchange with one of my Korean friends some months ago. It was off and on because of our schedules, but I’d say for the last two months or so it’s been steady. We do it twice a week which is great because not only is it educational fun *yay*, I also get to spend quality time with someone I consider one of my closest friends or 언니 (big sis) out here.

The bestest part so far was when I finally learnt the Korean alphabet ~HOORAY~! I thought that stuff would never stick in there!!! Then suddenly I could read Korean. I swear it was nigh on life changing (yes, I’m being dramatic). Seriously though, I felt like a freaking genius! Let’s overlook the fact that I didn’t know what any of it meant… I COULD READ!!!


The book I’ve been using is Korean Made Easy for Beginners (by Seung-eun Oh) and it’s pretty good. We are about to finish the first part which is about a quarter way in. That covered an intro, the consonants and vowels, some basic rules, lots of vocab using the sounds learnt and homework. Aside from that, I’ve also learnt numbers and some handy phrases from my teacher~~~^^.

We test each other about every two weeks. I can definitely say that the general learning and particularly the testing, has made me have A LOT of empathy for my students! Where I work, we give a lot of vocabulary tests, VERY frequently. I don’t know how they do it. This ish is hard! Plus they have school and music and a bunch of other things going on. Yikes!

June doing her test. Looks like stress :o
June doing her test. Looks like stress 😮
Doing my first test 25/27 :)
Doing my first test 25/27 🙂

Wrapping up this first post about learning Korean aka Hangeul (한글), I want to mention an upcoming test. I’m actually excited about it. One of my favorite K-pop songs is Volume Up by 4Minute (check it out )….the other night I was out & it came on. I messaged my friend and told her I wanted to learn it. I’ve loved it for months and I’ve had enough of not knowing the words >_< I lie. I know- uh uh uh uh uh, eh eh eh eh eh, pump the volume up :-3

4Minute - Volume Up lyrics
4Minute – Volume Up lyrics

Soooooo she printed it out and I’m learning it. It’s SO DIFFICULT. I’m mean, like whoa. BUT that just means when I do finally learn it, it’s going to be AMAZING. Also, I’ll probably hate the song by then….but the challenge is a fab one and my test is going to be at a norai bang! A norai bang (노래방) is a place where you rent a room out for like an hour or 4, there is a screen and some mics, you drink and sing karaoke! Hence my test will be nothing short of AWESOME. Wish me luck.

My first test. I was rather chuffed!
My first test. I was rather chuffed!

5 thoughts on “Learning Korean (Hangeul 한글)

  1. I’m just so inspired by you and your friend!! I am currently learning Korean and Japanese. I found that speaking Japanese is easier, but reading/writing Korean is easier, and I use that word ‘easier’ loosely! I dont have any teachers in real life to teach me, so i’m just doing what i can to teach myself, all while trying (and failing :[ ) to find some Koreans for language exchange via webcam or SOMETHING.

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