A small Pisa drama

We’re en route to the airport. Pisa bound. I’m tres excited that I’m finally going to Italy. I had a little hiccup before leaving my home. I arrived home late after catching up with some friends. I was finalising my packing and getting all of my important things together. Of course, no trip on a no-frills, budget airline would be complete without some sort of drama!

As I went through the fine print in my confirmation email, I froze. I re-read it. I hit me that I didn’t print my ticket. I had printed the confirmation email which included payment, reference number and flight details, however they would not be accepting that. I needed some other print out. There was a hefty fee to be paid if they were to be the ones printing it at the airport for me. ARRRRGGHHHHHHHHHHHH! It was now after 1am and our printer at home had no ink. I decided to go roam the streets in search of an internet cafe. If I couldn’t find one in my town, I thought I would hopefully find one a bit further afield.


My mum joined me on my quest. The first place I thought to try was open. Rejoice! As I entered, a staff member announced that they were closed. But…there we’re people sitting there on the computers. He apologised further and said it was not possible. After some profuse pleading, he let me use a computer. PHEW. I went home and got about two hours sleep before it was time to leave.

I’ve lusted after a trip to Italy for years. However, in my vision it has always been of me trekking around for a month or two, going across the country, just soaking it all in. I’m still not sure when that’s going to happen, so for now I’ll settle for this short break. New Year’s Eve in Pisa and I get to see a friend I haven’t seen in a few months. Bring it.


~The Wandering Pier


London soon

I’ve been so occupied with other things that any excitement for this trip has been overshadowed. The main thing was getting everything ready at work for the cover teachers coming in while I’m away. Other than that, I’ve just been busy running around getting little pressies for people and seeing friends for the last time in 2012.


Last night I FINALLY opened my suitcase (new suitcase that I’m quite fond of) and started getting some things together to put in. This definitely fostered some excitement. However, excitement for the trip was quickly dashed by the wayside and replaced with excitement about news from my friend- SHE BOOKED HER TICKET TO KOREA….WOOOOO! I was so excited I could barely sleep last night.

It started raining today.. preparing me for British weather!
It started raining today.. preparing me for British weather!

Anyway, now my departure nearing. I leave home at 6:30am and it’s 4am now. I’m ridiculously tired and hoping to get lots of kip in on my very long journey. My sissy and my friend I just mentioned are both coming to meet me at Gatwick. I cannot wait to see them.


Dry cleaning makes me feel fancy

I don’t know what kind of life you guys live, maybe this is normal for you. For me this is a great, big, exciting novelty 😀 Dry cleaning is awesome! Everything comes back to you like brand new *YIPPIE*!


My only previous experience of dry cleaning was being denied it by my mum when I was younger. Instead, she put my suede shearling coat in the washing machine without me knowing. Obviously it got ruined 😦 This also happened with a silk top that I ADORED. I bought these with my own money when I started working and I loved them. SIGH. 

Throwback: Let's have a moment of silence for that coat :(
Throwback: Let’s have a moment of silence for that coat 😦


Everything is expensive in London, so I always avoided buying items that needed dry cleaning. Since I got to Korea though, this has changed. Many, many things are much more affordable here, including dry cleaning *whoop*. I had a winter coat that desperately needed to be cleaned in time for this winter. So, for the first time ever the other week, I took  some things to the dry cleaner. I took my winter coat, along with a cardigan, a pair of leggings and four vest tops for good measure. When I went to pick them up, the bill was a whopping $20. How great is that? You’re looking at Miss Fancypants over here. It makes me feel so grown up.

My "new" coat!
My “new” coat!


Today, I took a few thick knitted tops, a giant knitted scarf, thick knitted legwarmers- all of these with those annoying fluff balls that knitwear get, a top and a cardigan. I can’t wait to pick up my new wardrobe on Wednesday. Those people are magicians, I swear. I’m going to enjoy this new element in my life while it lasts.


Miss Fancypants


Sam and Dean Sundays (Supernatural)

Andrew and I have had Throne Thursdays (Game of Thrones), Walking Dead Wednesdays (The Walking Dead) and now we have Sam and Dean Sundays (Supernatural). When we started watching Sam and Dean we got a new addition to the “group” on these nights, a fellow named Joshua.
The new season of The Walking Dead also started during this time so now we watch both on a Sunday. Exciting times I tell you! We cook dinner… Josh brings salsa. There’s a dessert somewhere in there. That’s sometimes followed by drinking games while watching.
Curry chicken (Trini style) with home made roti
Curry chicken (Trini style) with home made roti
Sometimes we drink fancy beer :)
Sometimes we drink fancy beer 🙂
Today will be my last Sam and Dean (+ The Walking Dead) Sunday for about a month and I’m so excited about it.
Two reasons:
1. We are going to watch the mid-season finale of The Walking Dead.
2. Andrew is making pot pies.
The last time he made these it was last winter earlier this year. He made me one and delivered it too 😀 I baked it at my place (my apartment smelled amazing) and made a little salad to go with it. It was divine!
Pot pie by Andrew...delicioso!
Pot pie by Andrew…delicioso!
Anyway, I guess this will also be like our Christmas dinner, since I’ll be away from the end of this week. I’ll break out a bottle of Japanese plum wine my friend brought me from there when she visited the other weekend. What perfect timing for an interlude. I can’t wait to resume next year 🙂
Japanese plum wine
Japanese plum wine

New buy, new try: Green Tomatoes

Continuing my quest to try something new with every food shop I do. I guess to many, this isn’t something exotic, but it was exciting and interesting for me 🙂


The glorious green tomato
The glorious green tomato


Green tomatoes are great! I’d definitely buy them again. I ate some raw to see how they taste compared to their more popular ruby siblings. The colour inside was a lovely surprise, I didn’t expect it to be pinky/red. That looked cool against the green. The texture was similar, though I’d say these were a bit more crisp with a lil crunch. The taste was a little tart, which married nicely with the savoury seasoning of the steak that I made with it.


Steak and eggs with some sauteed mushrooms and GREEN TOMATOES :)
Steak and eggs with some sauteed mushrooms and GREEN TOMATOES 🙂


I think I’d love to make a salsa with it using a mixture of green tomatoes and regular ripe tomatoes. My taste buds agree that this is a good idea. I’m glad I tried them. Green tomatoes >> thumbs up from me.

Recipe ideas/suggestions welcome.

Going solo!

Here, There and Mostly Canada

Having recently found myself pining for that adventurous feeling of arriving in a new city, knowing nothing and no one, I realised that it may actually be worth sharing my thoughts on this subject.  It’s the ultimate adventure, but at the same time solo travel can seem pretty scary.  It was something that I had always wanted to do, disappear into the horizon on my way to meet some great adventure (in a very poetic manner of course!).  But when my plane landed in Toronto with no one to meet me at the other side of immigration, shit got real!  What if I don’t meet anyone?  How will have fun at night?  I can’t go to a bar on my own, can I? What if I leave my passport somewhere and there is no one by my side to run through the obligatory what-has-Caroline-forgotten check list?  And the ultimate scary…

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Enter the nerd…

Two of my boy~friends a.k.a BFFs here are self-confessed nerds. I think am turning into one too. Birds of a feather and all of that. This evening we are going to embark upon my debut game of Dungeons and Dragons…Pathfinder…. Pathfinder. There is a difference. I guess. Maybe.


My new spectacles shall serve me spiffingly in this role :)
My new spectacles shall serve me spiffingly in this role 🙂


Our first meeting about it was last week and all 6 members of the group sat around drinking beer and listening to our “god” tell us about the rules of the game. Three of us are brand new to it all and another hasn’t played since high school, so I think there is a decent balance. I also got some sexy purple dice from Andrew, to get me started.


Reyyyy! Sexy DND dice ;)
Reyyyy! Sexy DND dice 😉


I haven’t chosen a race yet, but a lot of them seem pretty sweet! How do you decide?! We also don’t know what path the game is going to take, which is part of the beauty of it, but this makes it so difficult to know what characteristics will help me rule this imaginary world! Sigh. I have decided that I want to be a rogue though. They rock.


Andrew said I should sleep with my dice so they can connect to my energy lol :-}
Andrew said I should sleep with my dice so they can connect to my energy lol :-}


I’ve seen some of the literature about all of this and it is EXTENSIVE. I do not like to read much. Anyway, I’m hoping I’ll just pick up things along the way. Perhaps I’ll become passionate about it and invest my free time on extra reading! Other than that, it seems like a nice social event. We usually sit around eating and drinking anyway, so why not add another dimension to it. Watch this space.


This will be my great book of notes
This will be my great book of notes
Magic, a geeking card game I'm trying to wrap my brain around.
Magic, a geeky card game I’m trying to wrap my brain around.