First Phone Interview for South Korea

My prep for going to South Korea has dragged out for longer than I anticipated and still isn’t over. While I now have all my documents ready for my E2 visa, I now need to secure a job and then begins the visa application process. Finger crossed that won’t be too long of a wait.

One of the many recruiters I have been in contact with, 4DS emailed me with the great news that a school was interested in me and wanted to set up an interview. I reviewed the details of what they’re offering and the only thing I had a problem with is that it starts in October. I would ideally like to be out there by next month but given that the visa process still has to be completed, I may end up getting that at the end of September anyway. I spoke to the my contact about this and she suggested I go ahead with the interview anyway and should something else come up sooner then I can always go for that.

The telephone interview was about an hour ago, to my recollection it’s my first proper phone interview. I’m certainly glad I did it if only for the experience. I think it went well, I didnt freeze up for any of the questions and the school director seemed to really like my résumé and me 😀

Now I wait for feedback on it and whether they have hired me. I have a ton of questions for the school and for 4DS, I think the more research I do the more questions I have! Anyway, I think I may have another phone interview this week, it’s for a job in Incheon which is a city I’d really like to be based in. It also starts in September which is another plus. I really liked the vibe I got from the interview with Langcon though, so I’ll just have to see how it all goes.


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