Heading home to Trinidad soon!

My excitement for this trip is building like crazy, mainly because of my intention to surprise my friends when I get there. Shhhh…they have no idea that I’m coming! I cannot wait to see their faces. We booked this trip back in January so the 6 month wait has seemed like forever. It’s unreal that it’s finally here. Three of my friends are coming with me and they’re all very excited. They ask me questions I never even consider when going home lol… I’ve been scrambling to put together a little tourist itinerary for them so they can see some  sights alongside soaking up sunshine. I should probably pack soon too! Ever the last minute packer!!! It’s been two years since I’ve been home so I’m really looking forward to it….family, friends, fete and FOOD!

Can't wait to be here...Tobago, see you soon.