We all need a bit of Lonelyplanet salvation. Their guide to travelling hand-luggage only

Perfect! My friends who travel with me know I need this!!! And if you’re like me you might need it too! 🙂

I always struggle with baggage, well packing light, especially when we take the (cheaper) hand luggage only route. Even if I’m stepping out to meet a friend for lunch, my handbag feels like there’s a brick somewhere in that bottomless pit!

When my mum and I went on our little Peruvian adventure, we inevitably had more than we needed. However, every year I get better at this, oh boy have I improved. I still falter though* so I need to master the art of packing light.

Leave a comment with any tips of your own.

RT @lonelyplanet: Packing it all in – a guide to travelling hand-luggage only http://bit.ly/hMIKFu

*the time when I took TWO pairs of jeans to Cyprus, why? I wore neither. I blame the panic packing. It was a last minute trip, I had 20 minutes to pack. Don’t panic pack people!