Touchdown Brazil!

So after months of being in the pipeline we have lift off. My mum and I are hitting South America. It’s my mum’s first time and I’ll be returning to Peru after spending 3 months there last year. She left for Rio de Janeiro last night and landed safely today.

I spent forever sorting out the plans and I’ve had a giant headache finalising everything this week. Her dates wouldn’t fit any of those organised tours without changing the flights or extending her stay and she couldn’t get the extra time off work blah blah blah it was just turning into a nightmare. I had to plan it all out, 3 different cities (Rio, São Paulo and Paraty), 3 sets of accommodation, 3 sets of tours/sightseeing and a whole bunch of transfers.

I like organising these things- trips abroad, events, trips to cities outside of London- even with the pressure and stress, but this time wooooooo. Maybe it’s because it was for my ma and wanted everything to be lined up perfectly for her. Anyway, she’s there now,  albeit without her bankcard which she forgot here. She also already seems to have lost her e-ticket for Rio to São Paulo ….even though I put everything for each city into individually labelled plastic wallets according to city! But she’s there safe and sound, chilling out today, already got her hands on some coconut water (yum) and says it’s nice and warm.

Right now I am too frazzled to be excited about my departure to Peru. After the stress of this week, going out last night (BFF came from out of town to visit– slumber pardeeee) and working today (plus now I can feel that I’m coming down with something), I’m just going to chillax tomorrow (today when I wake up) and start organising properly for Peru from Monday.

8 days to Peru :-3


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