Peru prep 27/02/11

After posting here last night I had a convo with one of my friends, Mesa ( about my upcoming trip to Peru. Just to give a quick background, we went to Peru last year to work on some projects in a deprived area called Pachacutec with Platform2 ( ‘It was funded by UKaid from the Department for International Development and run by Christian Aid and BUNAC. The last volunteers are now back in the UK and there will be no more overseas trips in 2011.’

The main reason I’m heading back over is to visit my host family who I absolutely fell in love with. Obviously there will be other bonuses- sand, sea and Pisco sours and the chance to visit some of the sights we didn’t get to see last year. I’ve been in touch with some people I met out there, so am hoping to see them when I visit. My host family don’t know that I will be there in a matter of days… shhhhh it’s a surprise! Last year I just told them that I’d come to visit them at some stage.

Then I was thinking how in the world am I going to make it up to Pachacutec on my own, giant suitcase and all. That and I can’t remember which buses I need and if you get on the wrong one, well you can end up just about anywhere. And far! Then the fabulous Mesa came to my rescue dundadadaaaaa! I’ve been in contact with my supervisor from last year who is out there, but only on and off because he was out of the country for sometime. So I spoke to Mesa and asked about getting in touch with the supervisor of her group, just so that I have someone who knows the area and would be able to advise me on the buses, what to do, places to go etc. Not only did the sugar lump call her former supervisor for me, but she also set me up with a pretty sweet deal. She asked her if she would be willing to meet me, drive me up to Pachacutec and also crash at her place when I first arrive in Lima in case I’m too knackered to head straight up to Pachacutec. Even though I was cool with the idea of just winging it when I get there, I’m definitely relieved and happy to have this in place. Thanks Mesa!

I haven’t started packing yet, I probably should. I’ve put aside some things I want to take for the family, but that’s about it. Maybe tonight I’ll at least figure out which suitcase I want to use.

…8 days to go :-3


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